Things Every Homeowner Should Know about Home Renovation

Your home is possibly the greatest investment you will make throughout your life. It houses your family, it’s your protection against the elements, it’s an expression of your own personal style and it should be your sanctuary. Sometimes however, life requires you to make changes to the space, whether it’s a growing family, a desire for more functionality or you want to increase the value of your home to sell it and move elsewhere. Whatever the motivation, here are few things to note when you decide you do want to complete a home renovation:

Always Choose a Credible Contractor

There’s many moving parts to a home renovation and you’ll want to know that your contractor has got your back. In addition to assessing the scale of the project, coordinating with suppliers, and dealing with various permits, your contractor will help ensure the renovation stays on budget and on schedule. You’ll want to choose a credible contractor that comes with referrals and positive recommendations from your friends and family. Remember, you’ll be spending a lot of time discussing your new plans with the people building it, so you want to make sure you have a good rapport with your team. 

Quality Always Trumps Cost

A home renovation can be costly and of course, you don’t want to break the bank by choosing the most expensive materials around. However, going for materials that have the lowest price tag, may result in short-term savings but not necessarily long term gains. Quality always trumps cost in this respect. By choosing quality materials like higher rated insulation for example, you save money in the end thanks to longer warranties, better product durability and correct installation. Though it costs more at the onset, it will save you hundreds of dollars throughout the years.

We should note, that a price tag doesn’t necessarily determine the quality of a product. No one’s saying to go over your budget for everything. What we are saying, is whoever you choose to complete your home renovation, should have the knowledge and experience to provide you with alternate and multiple options of comparable materials you want for your home that remain within your budget and do not sacrifice quality.  

Make the Most of Your Space

Making the most of your home’s square footage is pertinent when you are growing your family and a renovation is the perfect time to utilize the space most efficiently. It may be exactly why you’re thinking about renovating. We’re not talking a must-do addition, we just mean increasing the efficiency of your home. For example, by reorganizing your kitchen and equipping it for maximum utility you don’t necessarily need to rip out walls. You can replace existing enormous shelving units with cabinet height pullouts that contain racks for your items and outfit said cabinets with upgrades like dividers or pull-outs for pots and pans. It’s about making the most of your space and working with a team that has the experience and knowledge to optimize the space.

Energy Efficiency Considerations

Energy efficient appliances are great, don’t get us wrong but when prioritizing renovations on your list, it’s important to consider things that aren’t as attractive as new appliances. For example, are your windows ancient and letting unnecessary cold and heat enter your home? How long has it been since your roof was replaced? Does your water tank need to be replaced? Making these considerations are important when you’re talking about energy efficiency because they’ll have a long term impact on reducing costs for your home. So again, think about your priorities.