Whether you’re ready to take the plunge and splurge for an all out bathroom renovation or if you’re just looking for some DIY ideas to revitalize your restroom space, we’re here to help. When space is tight in your bathroom, a bathroom renovation can maximize the space you do have while upping the style ante to create a spa like scene for you and your family.

Smaller spaces invite the opportunity for you to flex your creative muscles and choose pieces and fixtures that perfectly represent your style. Think about it, due to the lack of square footage, you can get great flooring or new tiles without breaking the bank because you don’t need as much in materials!

For those considering a bathroom renovation in a smaller space, here are a few more ideas to help inspire you:  

Scale down to physically save on space

Think about scaling down on the size of things to actually save space within your smaller bathroom. Pedestal Sinks are great for smaller spaces because their not as bulky as a vanity and sink combo. In addition, the silhouette of a pedestal sink lets you see the floor and wall behind which creates an illusion of greater space. Also think about your existing fixtures, are they necessary and do they “fit” the space. If a towel bar is big and bulky and in the way, get rid of it. Patch up those walls, paint and find a smaller fixture that serves the same purpose that doesn’t have you sacrificing your space or style.


Amp Up Your Vanity

Given that there isn’t much “furniture” going into a small bathroom, details make all difference and you can go all out with your vanity – we’re talking style not size here. Splurge on a sink and vanity that you love, with details that cannot be ignored and make you happy to visit the bathroom.   



Save money by tackling the projects you can. For the crafty sort, think about repainting an old vanity, Pinterest offers so many great ideas and tutorials to help guide you. In addition, by simply replacing hardware with something prettier you can change the look of your bathroom. Leave the professional work to the professionals, but if you’re a confident painter, then totally repaint your bathroom for an instant update.

Accessorize with Colour

If you don’t feel like painting a whole bathroom, that’s okay! Add cheerful pops of colour by showcasing colourful hand towels, rugs and accessories. You can always add a splash of colour by also switching up a few or all of your bathroom tiles. 

Colorful Accessories Small Bathroom Ideas


Always put function before form when thinking about smaller spaces, you want everything in the room to be there with reason. Knick knacks that don’t serve a purpose will leave a small space just feeling cluttered. Stackable storage is a savior for smaller spaces, whether it’s floating shelves with glass jars containing the items you use regularly, ex. Cotton balls and swabs, or built-in storage units that span floor to ceiling. Cluttered counters look messy, so when designing your new space think about where everything will go.

Floating Shelves

Fancy Flooring

We said it earlier and we meant it - because we’re discussing a lack of square footage, when it comes to new flooring you can rest assured there isn’t as much tile to purchase in a smaller space. This means you can opt for the fancier flooring of your choice. By simply changing this one detail, you can change the whole look, feel and appeal of a smaller bathroom space.