We are in the business of home renovations. It’s what we do every day. We understand that homeowners work hard for their money and when it comes to spending it on home improvement work they want to know that the investment will pay off in the end. Not only with respect to increasing the quality of life those living within the improved space feel but also, with respect to the resale value of the home when it comes time to sell.

As such, we’ve consolidated a list of home renovation jobs that have the best returns on investment. Here they are:


I asked a realtor friend what the most valuable home improvement/reno job is to increase a home’s resale value and she said “definitely painting, then flooring”. Flooring is a huge request made by homeowners and tenants alike in the way of desirables when looking for a new space to call home. Prospective homeowners are looking for hardwood floors because they look amazing, are timeless and are incredibly durable. Carpet is just too much of a commitment to clean and manage, hence the gravitational pull towards hardwood.

Granted, hardwood floors don’t come cheap but fortunately there are numerous options out there to suit your budget. Whether you go traditional hardwood, engineered hardwood, or laminate – redoing your floors instantly creates an updated look, transforming a space and giving the impression of a renovated, redecorated space without tearing out walls and rerouting electrical or plumbing lines.


A little paint can go a long way. It also can also instantaneously change the way a room feels and in turn affect how prospective buyers view your home and how you feel within your space. A fresh coat of paint can erase the nicks and scratches you’ve accumulated throughout your everyday living and take years off your home’s appearance. Whether it’s an interior or exterior paint job, this simple home improvement consistently shows a positive return on investment. It’s an inexpensive way to give your home an update. So long as you stick to colors that are classic, neutral and in keeping with current color trends, this is a great way to enhance your space without shelling out a fortune to do so.

Hardware and Fixtures

It’s all in the details and the details of your home include all the finishing touches that hardware and fixtures add to create the look of your space. Never under estimate the impact that can be made when things like drawer pulls, doorknobs and switch plates are swapped out. Simply updating your kitchen’s knobs and pulls can change the look and feel of your kitchen cabinetry. Though inexpensive, these items can up the style ante of any room.

Other fixtures that can be updated at a reasonable cost include lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, i.e. faucets and toilets, and again smaller items like doorknobs and floor registers. These simple updates can really improve a space and though the investment is small, it can equal a big return by making a space feel fresh and modern.


Bathroom and kitchen renovations increase the value of your home more than most renovations. These high traffic areas are constantly used and as such, prospective buyers care about whether or not they look outdated. While a bathroom renovation may seem like a huge investment, remember that bathrooms are smaller and thus require less material.

Even if you cannot commit to doing a full remodel of your bathroom space, simply replacing an outdated vanity or old plumbing can give your bathroom an updated look. People want a “spa like” feel when entering a bathroom and this can be achieved through a simple paint job with a soothing color palette or replacing fixtures with chic, modern materials.


Considered the heart of the home and truly the place where people congregate during a party (it’s where the food and drinks come from); a kitchen renovation offers the highest average return on investment. While most people associate a kitchen renovation with a high price tag, it doesn’t have to be the case. Again, simply repainting, re-flooring, updating cabinetry via sanding and staining or replacing cabinetry handles are all cost-effective ways to update your kitchen space.

Also, there are numerous and affordable options when it comes to countertop materials and it should be noted that custom cabinetry is not a must. Most out-of-the-box cabinetry can be customized and modified to work in any kitchen layout.

Swapping out old appliances like an ancient stove for a shiny new stainless steel one can also make a huge difference when you go to sell your home.

Here at Enhance Your Home Renovations, we love helping Calgary homeowners realize their dreams. We combine form and function to create spaces that enhance the lives of those who live in them. For any questions regarding a home renovation project, we are always here to discuss your needs and provide options to suit your schedule and budget. You can come into our showroom located at Lake Bonavista Promenade or contact us today.