With the increasing flexibility of employers allowing people to work from home or those catching the entrepreneurial fire and starting their very own businesses from home, creating an at-home workspace isn’t a luxury but essential to keep you on task.

Designing a home office can be fun and we’re here to help you consider a few things that’ll ensure your home office space is functional and beautiful at the same time. Whether you’re conducting a full home renovation to make your workspace or repurposing an existing space in your home, here are a few tips to help you create a home office that you’ll want to actually work in:

1. Choose the Right Space

Assess your space and figure out where you want to set up shop. Don’t forget to seriously consider a few things first though. Will the space be too quiet or too noisy for your liking? Does it get too hot or too cold? Is there enough lighting? If you’re receiving clients in your space, you want to ensure there is ample seating room. Remember, you want to minimize distractions so you can focus on what you need to get done.  

2. Corners

Make use of right angles by using corners in your set up. L-shaped desks and arrangements allow you to have two work surfaces, making it easy to optimize your current space (and fit nicely in corners). Also, corners are a perfect place to tuck away a copier or printer so it’s out of the way but easily within arm’s reach.

3. Get a Good Chair

Forget pulling a chair from your dining room table to serve as your work chair. If you’re going to be spending multiple hours on it – get an ergonomically correct office chair in a pretty color or fabric. Your back will thank you for it.  

4. Storage Space a Plenty

De-clutter your desk by having a place for everything. Invest in shelving and consider solutions like attractive storage boxes for the knick knacks that help you work. Floating shelves allow you to maximize space and let you keep things off your desk. If you are a pile maker – buy a desktop organizer so you can easily file papers instead of fingering through piles to find what you’re looking for.  

5. Don’t Forget Lighting

You need to see what you’re doing so make sure the lighting in your space lights up the room. Task lighting for your desk is essential – especially when the winter months roll in. The brighter your work space, the more inviting it’ll be.

6. Plugs

When setting up your space, you’ll want to ensure there are enough plugs to power your work devices. Between your computer, printer, phone and desk lamp you can easily see why investing in surge protected extension leads is essential. You can also consider buying a wi-fi printer which will allow you greater flexibility for where to place it – which means it doesn’t need to sit right next to your computer and that means more desk top space.

There are also a number of solutions available to help you keep your wires from becoming a jumbled mess and help to hide unsightly cords. Wire organizers will lift the cords off the floor, tucking them neatly under your desk.

7. Personalize Your Space

You’re at home! Not in a cubicle – so let your office space reflect this. Consider using a mug you love as a pencil holder. Get a decorative waste basket that compliments the rest of your taste. Hang up inspirational artwork or a bulletin board where you place photos that motivate you and make you happy. Don’t forget plants either. Bring outside in and breathe in the benefits of oxygenated air.