Decorating your home is fun, it can change an entire space from ‘blah’ to ‘oh yeah’ and we’re all about that here at Enhance Your Home Renovations.

Sometimes however, people can get over zealous in their home improvement endeavors and take things over the edge and we want to help you to NOT do that. So here are a few interior decorating don’ts to keep your space looking pretty rather than petty:  

1. Over Accessorizing

While accessories have the potential to liven up a space and bring personality to a room – overdoing it can result in a tourist souvenir shop look (unless that’s the look you’re going for). By keeping things simple, you can actually appreciate the items you’ve selected without distracting the eye and having it rove from side to side to side...Less is more.  Choose your accessories wisely and let them stand on their own. 

2. Fake Greenery

Fair – not all of us have green thumbs but hanging fake vines, using fake flowers – just looks fake. There are great alternatives to get nature’s appeal into your home without having to learn to be a botanist. Easy to care for plants like succulents are awesome, you can also incorporate branches, natural vase fillers, and dried greenery (like preserved boxwood and grasses) into your décor to bring in the ‘green’. 

3. Everything Matching

If your bedroom/dining room/living room looks like you just bought it off the furniture store floor – change it up. Matching furniture sets with matching frames just gets too matchy matchy. You want to bring some personality, interest and depth into your space. You want items to relate to one another with a common motif, mood and look collected but you also don’t want to look like a furniture warehouse floor. Swap out a couple pieces from a different set or bring in a chair from somewhere else in your house to bring interest into the room.

4. Grouping Items in Even Numbers

When grouping items, group them in odd numbers, like groups of 1, 3 or 5 - it just looks better. Trust us. This rule applies to balloons as well (which is something to note when party decorating.)

5. Lots of Little things

This goes in hand with don’t do #1 but to specify, lots of little things do not equal one big thing. Meaning, small accessories can quickly create visual clutter while by simply using a few larger accessories you can create a greater visual impact. If you’re playing the small vs. large game when considering buying a vase, go with the big one (keeping scale in mind). It will fill the space more gracefully than 3 different things trying to occupy the same amount of space.  

6. Pushing Everything against the Wall

Let your furniture pieces breathe and float in the room rather than confining everything to the edges like their shy wall flowers that don’t want to take the spotlight. Your furniture pieces and your space should be inviting.  By creating some room between your furniture and the wall, you create conversation groupings easily and this in turn tempts you and your guests to want to sit down and get comfy. 

7. Lack of Personality or Meaning

Showrooms and model home suites look like they’re unlived in because they are. This is your home. Bring in mementos and personal pieces that reflect your personality because your home should reflect you – instead of looking like a sterile operating room.