Emphasis-interior-design-home-renovation-calgaryEducating yourself on the basic principles of interior design is useful when taking on the task of redecorating or renovating your home. Even with the help of an interior designer, you can equip yourself with the lingo that your designer might throw into a conversation or throw it into the conversation yourself.

We’ve already discussed balance, harmony and rhythm. The next principle we are going to address is emphasis.

Emphasis is the creation of a focal point or of a few focal points within a space.

A focal point is the visual centre of attraction in any given room, with all the other design elements leading all visual attention to that centre. It must be dominant enough to draw attention and interesting enough to hold the viewer’s interest. Most often you’ll see fireplaces used as focal points or even flat screen TVs.

No one wants a boring space and by creating focal points throughout the room, you draw and encourage the attention of the viewer. 

Fireplaces and windows make for easy focal points. You can also create a focal point within your space by highlighting a piece of furniture or an interesting piece of artwork.


  • Create a focal point by highlighting a particular piece of furniture or artwork
  • Groupings of furniture, unusual objects, and large objects make for great focal points.