creating-harmony-home-renovations-calgaryHome renovations require you to assess your current home’s interior design and what you hope to achieve in your rebuild. As such, we’ve decided to talk about the basic principles that govern interior design.

Last month, we addressed the principle of Balance

This month, the next principle we are introducing is the concept of Harmony.

Harmony describes the repetition of design elements within a space - the colors, textures, shapes and forms that express your interior’s theme, style and mood. In combination, these elements of design work together to create a feeling of harmony; that everything is just as it should be

Unity is what brings cohesion to a space, suggesting a kind of “oneness” through adhering to a color scheme or keeping the style of furniture consistent. By selecting fabrics and accessories that have similar colors and textures, you can create a unified design that again, creates a feeling of harmony.

It should be noted that variety is also essential to keep the eye roving and stop a space from looking too “the same.” By contrasting soft and hard materials, or combining new and old furniture or architecture, you can incorporate some variety into your space. However, you want to make sure that whatever is contrasting, still compliments your existing theme. Sometimes too much variety can make a space look confusing or cluttered.


  • Use color schemes to unify a collection of spaces
  • Create harmony by using a color with varying shades, shapes, sizes and textures