balance-in-home-renovations-calgaryYou can envision your new space and you’re taking the next steps to renovate or redecorate your home. Choosing the right furniture items, the right place for them, the right fabric to reupholster your grandmother's chair –can seem like quite a task. Understanding a few of the fundamental interior design principles can help you create a beautiful space.

In an effort to inspire some ideas, we’ll be rolling out a list of interior design basics that may help you think about how to move forward with your design.

Balance is the equal distribution of visual weight in a room.  

There are 3 different types of balance:

Symmetrical balance refers to items repeated or mirrored along a central axis. For example, two matching side tables partnered with the same table lamps, flanking either side of a sofa is a familiar type of symmetrical balance. This type of balance is reflected in nature and in our own bodies, so we are innately comforted by this type of symmetry. 

Asymmetrical balance is achieved when dissimilar objects have equal visual weight or eye-appeal. This type of balance suggests movement and spaces of this type tend to feel more dynamic. Lines, colours, forms and textures are balanced in a space without duplication. For example, when you see a sofa with a floor lamp on one side, while the other side hosts a side table with a table lamp – this is an example of asymmetrical balance.

Radial Balance is almost circular with items arranged around a central point extending either inward or outward.  Think of a circular light fixture or chairs centered around a table – these are examples of radial balance. If you want to create focus on a central item, using radial balance to draw attention inward is a great way to achieve this.


  • Balance a room with heavy objects or multiple light objects that are visually equal
  • Objects that are larger, brighter, highly textured, or complexly shaped are visually heavier

Asymmetrical-Balance-calgary-home-renovations Radial-Balance-calgary-home-renovations