Our showroom/design centre provides customers with a one-stop shop. We have eliminated the time, effort and costs it takes to shop the city making selections for your renovation.

We have a wide range of products on display and the items are labeled with blue dots so you can clearly see the vast amount of standard items included in your quote and which ones will be an extra cost. This ensures transparency and allows us to provide a fixed price. As we control the stock, we keep it fresh and eliminate any discontinued or problematic items.

Having the showroom also helps to speed up the renovation process. Often the most difficult part about a renovation is making the selections for interior finishings. Running around the city to several different stores to make selections is time consuming because it can take months and it can be confusing remembering choices and co-ordinating colours. We've eliminated that by having all the selections in one place and handling all our customer selection orders ourselves, which helps prevent errors. Selections are done in days rather than months, so the renovation can start sooner.

"We didn't have time to run around the city making selections so Enhance Your Home had the perfect solution with their one-stop-shop, design & selection centre. It was great, they had everything we needed under one roof." - Leanne and Rod