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About Us

Experts in Calgary Floor Renovations

Our company, Enhance Your Home Renovations, is a full service renovation company focused on providing customers with the service they deserve from quote to completion.

With exceptional design vision, we provide customers with practical solutions to improve their lifestyle within their existing homes. Since 2007, we have improved the beauty and functionality of a few hundred homes in Calgary and surrounding areas.

With many years of home building, renovation and construction experience, we understand what clients require and what building challenges you might face during the process. We listen to your needs and budget restraints and do our best to meet your requirements.

We oversee a professional, highly skilled group of tradespeople which is reflected by the clients who are extremely happy with the quality of workmanship in their homes and the well-organized process in which Enhance Your Home excels.

The Enhance Your Home team all work toward a common goal; to make customers happy and to create beautiful homes for them to enjoy.

"[Our renovation was] a well-managed job by very experienced contractor. I appreciate that the standard is very high and there was no hesitation to resolve issues. Job was done on time and change management was handled fairly." - Anonymous