Fixed Pricing

Purchasing materials direct from distributors and manufacturers allows us to offer fixed price quotes, with designs included, so there will be no financial surprises mid renovation. As well, eliminating the middle-man in purchasing saves you money and allows for more control in all areas of the project, from ordering, to scheduling, to construction.

Once we have met with you to determine your building or renovation needs, we will create a detailed design and a comprehensive quote based on your requests and our standard selections.

These standards are easily recognized in our design centre as they are labeled with 'blue dots'. With hundreds of blue dots to choose from we can help you put together all your standard selections or give you fair pricing when you prefer to upgrade. Our standard selection is so vast that our clients rarely have to upgrade.

You will know exactly what is included in your quote because you'll know what's standard. With all aspects of the renovation under one roof, projects are completed on-time or sooner. We pride ourselves in being on time and on budget.

"On time, on budget, with good contractors and responsive site management." - anonymous